Compaq Presario SR2150NX (RR790AA) Windows XP Drivers Download

Windows XP Drivers for Compaq Presario SR2150NX (RR790AA)

 Welcome! Here You Will get XP Drivers for Your Compaq Presario SR2150NX

                                                     UPDATED: JANUARY 7th 2012


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                NOTICE:: Errors When Installing from Windows XP CD??!!

Keep in mind that the VISTA DVD had the SATA & RAID Drivers installed. Windows XP CD's Need to have the SATA & RAID Drivers added Manually. When you make your XP CD ISO be Sure to add the SATA & RAID Drivers OR download the Self Installing XP CD ISO here:

      We Found Your Windows XP Drivers when the Manufacturer Did Not

As You May or may Not Know that Compaq aka "HP" does NOT Offer XP Drivers for their UNSUPPORTED Vista Operating System. They Told the Public that the Compaq Presario SR2150NX (RR790AA) was made for Vista only. I looked myself and Found only 1 or 2 XP Drivers. So I took this task upon myself as I knew better. I manged to obtain every Driver and Integrate it onto a Windows XP .ISO Image. I also made XP Driver Packs and am Offering them to the Pubic at NO CHARGE. As You will Notice I didn't stop there and brough you Manuals , Specs and all Information on this unit is spread out on this website for all to Use , Learn & Enjoy.

       Good News!! The Entire Set of Drivers are Now Uploaded to this Site!!

         As of DECEMBER 14th 2010 . . . . .  . . .

Now You don't have to Search all over the Internet for your COMPAQ PRESARIO Drivers. I have them all put into a Single 80mb +/- Compressed Archive of Windows XP Drivers to make your Compaq SR2150NX (RR790AA) run Trouble Free and away from Windows Vista ! You can Thank me by Simple Joining this Site.  [[ JOIN ]]


Now to get all the WIndows XP Drivers for your Compaq Presario SR2150NX (RR790AA) Just Simply Click on this Link Here.     !!CLICK HERE!!

Download Windows XP Drivers Compaq Presario SR2150NX

                     Realtek - AMD/ATI & Other Hardware Drivers Available

By The 20th or 22nd of this Month. I will have the ENTIRE Windows XP Drivers Pack Uploaded.[Which Will Be Specific to This Compaq Only] Meanwhile You'll have to Use the 1gb Driver Pack Archive.                                  See What I mean- Click H E R E

            HP Compaq Presario SR2150NX Manuals -Guides - Troubleshooting eBooks

You are Looking at eBook Archives I put together. Heres what You've Received in
your download.

1) Getting Started Guide

2) PC Troubleshooting & Maintenance Guide

3) Upgrading & Servicing Guide

4) A Bonus: Compaq Presario Home PC-Setup Poster !! WOW! Now You Can Learn How to Setup your

Compaq Computer!! lol

You Know Humor When you see it , Don't You?!
                                     Well- take care

Heres Your Download Link as I put them all into one File:


                                                                                         Updated: Jan.7th 2012


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Please Take a Moment and Look at WinXP76's Main Site Below..



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